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Osmosis Skincare Harmonized H20 Dropper Bottle (Sale)

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Product Description

This packaging is discontinued however we still have a small inventory of  the Dropper Bottle option available - Breathe, Hormone Balance, Inner Harmony


What Is It?
Osmosis Breathe Lung Detox Harmonized Water is ideal for people who have allergies or asthma that negatively affect their respiration. This water helps to harmonize your lung health while also minimizing the negative impacts of environmental toxins and allergens. You will be able to breathe more freely with regular use of this supplement. 
How Does It Work?
This is one of the many Osmosis harmonized waters that have been charged with radio frequencies. This product contains molecules that have been charged individually with frequencies that encourage lung health while harmonizing your ability to breathe. 
How Do I Use It?
You should take 2 milliliters of this water every day at morning and at night. If your allergy symptoms are more severe, you may need to take an additional dose in the middle of the day. 

Hormone Balance-

What Is It?

Osmosis Hormone Balance Harmonized Water is a water that has been charged with frequencies to encourage the regulation of menstrual cycles, to decrease the symptoms associated with menopause and to balance your hormones. It is safe to use for all women who are ages 18 and older. With balanced hormones, you will feel more vigorous and comfortable. 

How Does It Work? This supplement is formulated with a scientific technology by which the water molecules are each charged with specific frequencies naturally emitted by your body when your hormones are in a balanced state. When you ingest this product, it encourages your body to bring your hormones back in harmony, helping to alleviate the discomforts associated with menopause and irregular menstruation. This product was named a 2014 winner of the American Spa Professional's Choice Award for favorite vitamin or supplement line. 

How Do I Use It?
Every morning and evening, take 2 milliliters of the Hormone Balance Harmonized Water. 

Inner Harmony-

What Is It?
Osmosis Inner Harmony Harmonized Water is a balancing supplement that helps to restore your cells' normal functioning. This water helps to improve your body and skin's wellness, improve the functioning of your organs and to harmonize environmental toxins to which you have been exposed. With regular use, you'll enjoy a renewed feeling of vitality and improved overall health. 
How Does It Work?
A winner in the favorite supplement or vitamin line category of the 2014 American Spa Professional's Choice Awards, Harmonized Water are composed of charged water molecules that contain frequencies to encourage better balance throughout your body. The frequency combination was tested for 7 years with consumers to make certain the specific frequencies had the desired effects. 
How Do I Use It?
Take 2 milliliters of this supplement in the morning when you awaken. Take 2 milliliters again before you go to bed at night. 

Hydra Cares Tip:
For even better improvements in your body's overall health, try taking the Osmosis Elevate along with harmonized water. The Elevate will help your body repair damaged DNA, improve your ATP cycle and to reduce your levels of cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure. Together, these two products will improve your body's overall health.


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