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Osmosis Skincare Harmonized H20 Water - Altitude

3.40 Ounces

Product Description

What Is It?
Osmosis Altitude Harmonized Water is a wellness supplement that helps to prevent altitude sickness that people commonly experience when they go on a trip to the mountains. This harmonized water helps by improving oxygenation while balancing your sensitivity to higher altitudes. Your cells will be restored and you will experience fewer symptoms due to the reduced oxygen in the atmosphere in the mountains.
How Does It Work?
This harmonized water contains individually charged water molecules that have been pulsed with radio frequencies that match the frequencies for oxygenation, altitude sensitivity and cellular restoration. The charged molecules work together to help you take in more oxygen while also reducing your sensitivity to the oxygen content difference.
How Do I Use It?
When you are in the mountains, take 2 milliliters twice each day. You can add a third dose during the middle of the day if needed for further symptom improvement. You should also take an extra dose if you will be exercising.
Hydra Cares Tip:
If you will be skiing or participating in other outdoor activities, you should be aware that you may be exposed to the sun's harmful rays when it reflects off of the snow. You may also want to take the Osmosis UV Neutralizer Harmonized Water to reduce the harmful ultraviolet rays.

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