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Meg 21

toxic-sugar-diagram-2.jpgMeg 21 With Supplamine

A Breakthrough in Anti-Aging Products
Meg 21 is a revolutionary new product line that has upended how we fight aging. The products in this line contain the patented ingredient Supplamine, a substance that was discovered by Dr. Annette Tobias and a team of researchers at the Fox Chase Research Center in Philadelphia. 

Explaining Glycation
Glycation occurs when sugar in your bloodstream attaches itself to your elastin or collagen. This causes them to become deformed and lose their shape. When they do, they eventually collapse, resulting in inflammation and sagging or wrinkled skin. Glycation occurs whenever there is sugar present in your body, including after you eat foods with high sugar content. 

How Supplamine Works In Your Skin

The way in which Supplamine works is that it prevents the production of toxic sugars that attack the skin's collagen due to aging. This breakdown is called glycation, and it occurs due to the activity of an enzyme called F3K. Supplamine blocks F3K and the resulting damage. Supplamine is a chemical compound that is made up of two key ingredients, including arginine, an amino acid, and meglumine, an amino sugar. Arginine targets toxic sugars that have already been produced by your body by binding to them. This, in turn, prevents them from attaching to your elastin and collagen and causing damage. Meglumine inhibits the F3K enzyme's action of causing glycation. The F3K enzyme is attracted to meglumine, so it doesn't work to cause the production of toxic sugars that cause damage. Meglumine also reduces inflammation.

Meg 21's product line is the only line that contains Supplamine, since they own the patent for it. This brand has the potential to completely change what we know about fighting premature aging of your skin. You should try these scientifically based products to see the benefits for yourself.