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Skin Fitness

Skin Fitness Therapy 

Skin Fitness Therapy: Harnessing the Powers of Science and Nature for Beautiful Skin

Esthetician Christine Church saw a need to help people speed the healing of their skin after they had undergone harsh cosmetic procedures. In response, she developed the advanced scientific products that make up the Skin Fitness Therapy line in 1996. Since then, the product line has gone far beyond to address many different skin conditions in addition to the skin needs post-treatment. These products use all-natural, organic ingredients, such as the powerhouse resveratol, that are chirally correct, meaning that they can more easily communicate with the receptors in your cells to promote age reversal and damage correction.

This product line harnesses both the power of science with the best ingredients from nature to help make your skin look more youthful, appear more radiant and to achieve a healthier, natural glow. The best way to understand how well this line works is to select a number of products and put them together into a regimen for your particular skin needs.