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Ilike Organic


Organic Skin Care's Rich History Brings All-Natural Ingredients to Life.

With rich soil, a temperate climate and the mineral-rich Carpathian basin hot springs, Hungary is a country where fruits, herbs and vegetables flourish as they draw terrific ingredients from the enriched ground. It is in this environment that the founder of Ilike Organic Skin Care, Ilike Molnar, grew up, learning many handed-down family recipes for natural facial and skin products. She later attended the Aesthetics School in Vienna, a prestigious institution at which she learned how various ingredients interact with the skin's natural biochemistry.

After graduating from the school, Ms. Molnar returned to Hungary and began conducting research into how natural ingredients derived from the wide variety of Hungarian plants, vegetables and fruits could best be combined to help different skin conditions. Her research and knowledge led to her releasing the first Ilike Organic skincare products in the 1950s, and the company has continued to provide these organic products ever since.

Why Fruit and Herb Pulps are Used Instead of Extracts
At Ilike Organic, the company uses fruit, vegetable and herb pulps in their products instead of extracts of them. The reason they do this is because extracts are made by using primarily alcohol-based solvents. This means that there are fewer active ingredients in extracts and they often contain skin-stripping alcohol. While many companies continue to use extracts, Ilike Organic is unique in its use of fruit pulps. Pulps contain more active ingredients and thus are more effective in delivering the benefits to your skin. To experience the difference of using products that contain all-natural organic pulps, try a regimen of Ilike Organic skincare products today.