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osmosisbrandpageimagelargegroup.jpgOsmosis Skin Care is a renowned collection of facial treatment products that have been formulated to be safe to use on sensitive skin. All products are infused with nutrients that while highly effective are non-inflammatory. Osmosis is trusted by skin care professionals and dermatologists to achieve remarkable results in the way their products address every aspect of dermal damage; ranging from collagen and elastin depletion to scar tissue build-up, loss of skin nutrition and growth factors to damage on the genetic level.  

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Osmosis is one of the first skin care companies that moved away from relying on chemically-derived ingredients to treat skin care conditions. The emphasis is on supporting the skin’s natural ability to heal itself and improve its appearance as a result of supporting the health of the skin.

Since healing the skin from within is the primary goal, the serums use liposome to improve delivery of ingredients deeper in the skin layers.  This is also an area where Osmosis exceeds - traditional methods of absorption of active ingredients is between 2-5%.  Liposome, used to improve delivery of ingredients, can improve absorption by up to six times when compared to other widely used methods.